Monday, May 14, 2012

Style Inspiration - Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham

Just wanted to share what I came across yesterday morning.. This gorgeous Jenny Packham teal dress worn by Kate Middleton. Her shoes are Jimmy Choo. OMG - so beautiful!

I find myself being drawn to Kate's style - it's very elegant, classy, and modest but with modern femininity. What are your thoughts on Kate's wardrobe?

photos from MSN now

this photo from here


  1. Love the heels and lovely dress she have...
    Nice color!
    Kate Middleton is one lucky girl!

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  2. I love especially the back on this dress! I actually also wanted to make a post about this dress but you made it before me! But I totally agree. Sometimes Kate's style is a bit toned down, but it's understandable since she is who she is. But she's definately elegant, no doubt about it!

    E from Helsinki


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