Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh, the Sweet Smell of Springtime

Being in the city it's not often that one gets to enjoy some greenery. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, I was surrounded by fields, mountains, gardens, forests. It seemed there was no end to bountiful grass, trees, and flowers. How I took it for granted. I now find myself wistfully longing for the by-gone days of my youth and childhood when I would play among the huge lilac bushes in the front lawn of our old house, or smell the sweet scent of a begonia bush in the back yard, and when my brother and I would get into some mischief by the pine trees on my parents' farm. (In fact, I seem to recall a certain opossum incident one cold winter. The poor guy had already gone to the happy hunting grounds when it seemed to my little brother and I that he just needed to go out in a bit more style. So hang him up by the tail from the pine tree branch, we did - for all to see and observe.)

Winter and opossum incidents aside, springtime always - wherever I am in the world, gives me a hopeless case of nostalgia. Perhaps it is the abunance of green and living color, or the fresh smells, or the dewey rains. Perhaps it is everything about springtime all together that takes me back to those bygone days of fields, grass, and flowers...

And then I wake up. Which would be to the sound of a blaring car horn that makes me want to scream curses at the top of lungs. (You didn't think that poetic prose was gonna last too long, did you? lol) And I remember I am in New York City - the city that never sleeps and doesn't want you to, either. I also recall all the things I have given up to be here, but also all of the things I have gained. And I decide once more to look on the bright side of life.

And on that bright side are these gorgeous roses that I've been able to see every day this week on my walk to the gym.



  1. Those roses look stunning - and very unusual to me, since I have never seen them grow in such a high place / as trees! :D Only familiar with the bushes.

    Indie by heart

  2. I can smell it too ahah! well, this week end was awful here, it was raining !! during 2 days non stop!

    kiss kiss

  3. I have a pretty big garden but no roses in the garden. our climate isn't the rose friendliest anyway :P though I find them really beautiful and classy. my favourite flower is orchid btw. I have a whole collection of those :) anyway, you enjoy those roses because they are on your way to the gym with purpose ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. Those roses are absolutely beautiful! X

  5. being in a city too I always try to make the most of the green spaces! I have days where I just want to up and move to the countryside or preferably by the sea but I have a sneaky feeling that after a while I'd miss the city again. despite the noise, I cannot wait to go to new york city! The roses are beautiful - everything looks better in bloom, even the city!


  6. The roses are absolutely beautiful! I too live in a city and it's not often that I get to enjoy nature. I like taking holidays to rural places but in London although there are lots of parks it's not the same. xo


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