Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guest Post - Letizia from Barcelona

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of travel and different cultures, food, etc.

Sooo with that being said, I'm very happy to present my very first guest post :-))).. Letizia over at Letizia Barcelona was so sweet and agreed to fill us in on a little bit of what it's like in sunny Barcelona, Spain.

Where are you currently living?
Barcelona, Spain

What do you enjoy and love about it?
it's sunny ! which is something I wasn't used to before, I'm from the East of France not far from Switzerland and it's always soo cold! I moved to Barcelona in 2007 to look for a job, I haven't moved from it since then, I love the city, we have nice beaches, good food, and people from all over the world! The site seing is also something very present here, the monuments (Sagrada Familia, Park Guell..) are spectacular !

What is your blog about - it's goal?
my blog is about fashion and Barcelona, I speak about things I like from my city, it can be from a turistic point of view, something which deserves to be know (a cool place I visited), a restaurant etc.
And also I show my outfits to my readers. I don't have a goal, except
"enjoying the good vibe" with my readers,

And that she does - share a 'good vibe' with her readers - why not head over and check it out..

Thank you so much, Letizia, for sharing a piece of your world with us!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Adele's Look

It's no secret that Adele totally rocked 2011 with her amazing voice and heartwrenching songs. But she has also graced us with her classic, timeless good looks. I'm loving and totally inspired by her look in the March edition of Vogue.

Get her look by going here

Of course, all images from

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fashion DIY - Sparkle Nails

Well, I am very excited to incorporate this very first DIY and Fashion post into my blog!

Being inherently blessed with strong, healthy nails thanks mostly to my Grandmother, I feel the need from time to time to showcase them. :-) The following DIY is super easy and super classy. And it can most certainly be done on long OR short nails.

1. Start by applying 2 or 3 coats of color nail polish

2. For example, I used Sinful Colors Professional in 'Espresso' and this Glitter polish from Urban Outfitters

3. After it has dried, apply Glitter polish at base of nail in a slant - the slant gives a neat effect and is easier to apply than a straight line across

4. Finish by doing a slant across the top - apply as many glitter coats to get the look you want. After drying, apply a top coat if you wish.

5. Viola! You can mix it up and do all of your nails with the glitter or just one or two, depending on your time limit. Also, sometimes, I will just apply to the top of nail for a French manicure look. Mix it up and HAVE FUN! :-)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photo of the Week - Coney Island Amusement Park

Well, I know you've been seeing a lot of Coney Island lately, but I just couldn't help myself with this one. After watching an old 'Seinfeld' rerun in which Jerry tries his darndest to convince George, Elaine, and Kramer to accompany him to Coney Island to get his car, I could not resist. Jerry ends up befriending a random guy on the subway and they take off riding the Cyclone..he never does get his car, lol.

Anyway, here it is :-p

Friday, February 24, 2012

Keepin' Busy

Or, I should say, "TRYING TO" keep busy. It's amazing what work can do for a person, whether it's postive or negative. I'm 'on call' at my present job and did not get called this week. I totally love working for there and the team of people are complete dolls, however, when there is a lack of employment, it certainly can take a toll on the pocketbook, as well as, the spirits.

So, in the midst of finding myself wondering if and when this week would ever end, I decided to not give in to self-pity (lol, try, anyway) and keep myself busy with little projects. Of course, this was at about the half-way point of the week when my daily jaunts to the gym and Target were just not cutting it. I decided to make lists of things that needed to get done and mark things off one by one upon completion. This simple act can give a person the most amazing sense of accomplishment despite how menial the tasks may be.

What I feel like sometime :-p
Image from here

Well, McCracken certainly hit on something, lol
Image from here
 I also embarked on a cleaning spree yesterday that will spill over into today I'm sure. Not to be forgotten is a bit of online shopping that needed to be done. I've been without camera for the past few months and am finally feeling the effects of having to scour the internet for photos for most of my blog posts. So I'm impatiently awaiting my little new Nikon. And since time cannot usually be found for cooking, today I'll make my special chickpea curry for a good friend.

 Totally love

My curry or 'chana masala' ;-)
And, of course, I've been trying to devote more time to my blog, devise goals, and plan for Along the Way's future. So thank you to all of my lovely readers for dropping by! You certainly help brighten my day!! :-)

Would love to hear how you all keep motivated and goal-oriented...

Monday, February 20, 2012

2012's First Sign of Spring

Image from here
You'll notice I'm keeping this real as I said 'sign' and not 'signs', lol. Here in New York City we've had pretty much zero snow this season with the exception of two fluke storms - one in October and then another perhaps a month or two ago. Still, February is February.. need I say more?

Anyway, today on my 4:30pm walk to the gym the sun was still going strong and I found myself wearing my Ray-Bann wannabees. This was quite the ordeal as I've pretty much retired my sunglasses for the season despite my extremely sensitive eyes. It's still quite chilly and I continue to bundle up in my candy-apple wool coat with cheeks to match, but hey, I count my blessings these days.

Sooo.. what are some things you're looking forward to about Spring?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo of the Week - Nathan's World Famous..., Coney Island

In this shot I'm reminded once again that despite being vegetarian, hot dogs are actually something I miss like crazy.

Taken over the summer on Coney Island here is Nathan's.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mo's Sweet Shoppe

A few weeks ago, I headed home to help out at mom's new business - a little bakery in the rural town of Galeton, Pennsylvania called, 'Mo's Sweet Shoppe'. Now that I'm back in NYC, I'm still missing the yummy aromas and sweet treats (well my hips aren't). But much more than that I miss what Mo has created - a little haven where one can come for a quick bite of heaven or to linger over a cup of coffee with old friends at the comfy retro tables. And of course, being with my hilarious sisters and neice was absolutely priceless.

Part of the sitting area at Mo's
My neice - Ellie and sis - Delonna
Growing up, I have very fond memories of watching for hours Mom, or Mo as she is affectionately known, roll out pie dough by hand creating silky pumpkin or crisp streusel-topped apple pies, huge batches of chocolate chip cookies, or her famous jello cake.

Mo at work in the kitchen of the Shoppe on the cake below
Yummy vanilla cupcakes with peanut butter frosting
A few other things Mom was famous for amongst all us kids, was her yummy, piping hot soups. She would throw together a humongous kettle - and when I say humongous, it really was. Though, with a large family and any guests that walked through the door, it would usually last 2 days - max. Occasionally, we didn't even get a chance to enjoy for sometimes it was first come, first serve. Being afraid to miss out, there were those of us known to greedily snatch away the prize dish and keep for themselves.

Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting and edible pearls
Hank's soda
A well known story that surfaces itself quite often - is about a certain male sibling who snuck away with a large kettle of fresh broccoli cheese soup. Now this soup had been prepared, and Mom was quite certain it was her best - something whoever had had the chance to try would certainly attest to. Well, awhile later the soup nowhere to be found. Now that's silly, after all, soup just doesn't grow legs and walk out. But after much looking, the search was finally abandoned, when low and behold, a few days later the kettle was found in this male sibling's room - completely empty. So yes, people will go to great lengths to secure something yummy of Mo's.

Donuts with chocolate frosting

More cupcakes!
For as long as I can remember, anyone who ever walked through the front door of the Chalmers' Home was always welcome to a full stomach. Whether it was a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, just hot dogs and hamburgers, or some lovely dessert, such as her cookies or pies, my parents always insisted the visitor grab a plate and stay awhile.  

It certainly is no different at Mo's Sweet Shoppe - Mo believes in that same good old ethic of hospitality. She loves her customers, wants them to feel at home, and have their sweet tooth completely satisfied. One of her signature goodies is a plate, and I really mean plate-sized, cinnamon roll that could easily feed 4 people. Enjoying her Red Velvet Cupcakes with it's smooth cream cheese frosting, you'll feel like you're in cupcake heaven. One of my favorites are her Oatmeal Raisin cookies that practically melt in your mouth. And the amazing thing about Mo's is, if she doesn't have it for you, she'll make it. She's also open to suggestions as well.

And more donuts with peanut butter frosting
No dessert is complete without a cup of piping hot fresh coffee. Mo believes in having the best - that's why she serves Green Mountain Coffee. In fact, if you stop in and mention you read about her here at Along the Way, you'll be treated to a free coffee, flavor of your choice. Compliments of Mo.  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Among Other Things, 'Istanbul', Chai Tea, and Pink Tulips

Well after having a distressing case of the boo-hoos yesterday, not leaving my apartment, and watching the entire first season on rerun of 'Worst Cooks in America' in a darkened living room - I was determined not succomb to the same happenings today. (Sans the wine and cigarettes, visions of a certain scene from 'Bridget Jones' Diary' replay in my head. Pretty pathetic, lol.)

First up, was braving the frigid Brooklyn temperatures and wind for a trek to the gym. After a short and sweet, but empowering 35 minutes on the ellipticle and a few quad lifts, I headed home. My walk to and from the gym encompasses a few neighborhoods. Going from residential, to trendy with little shops and cafes. At about the half-way point there is a bookstore that I decided to take a gander in. Now I certainly don't need another book as I've got three that I'm currently in the midst of reading. But when I get to the travel section I'm like a kid in the candy store. Not having my credit card was probably a good thing as at one time I had 3 full price books in my hand. So after much deliberation, I decided upon 'Istanbul' by Orhan Pamuk.

Image from here
Wandering further towards home there is a bodega that also sells fresh flowers. Having known well ahead of time that flowers were an order of the day, I chose some cheerful pinks tulips, that now look lovely on my white desk.

(Image from here)

A few other pick-me-ups I decided on were some organic Chai Tea and a much needed Cadbury milk chocolate bar. So feeling much better and but not yet guaranteeing any "Bridget" relapses, I will enjoy the Grammys and my book tonight with my chocolate (guilt-free, thank you very much) and tea.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photo of the Week - Bratislava, Slovakia

Am totally missing Europe these days.. I suppose the lack of employment at the moment is not helping with the job of keeping my mind occupied on bigger and better things. So I'm left to updating resumes, scouring online job postings, submitting cover letters, and yes, dreaming with an air nostalgia of memories from days gone by. LOL *Snap out of it, Annie!*

Anyway, here is cute little photo shot in Bratislava a few years ago while on a day trip with some friends and my sister.

Those girls are just too adorable.
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