About Along the Way

The purpose of my blog is share experiences and what I've learned and taken from life through all my travels.

I guess you could say I a bit of a modern-day Bedouin - having lived in Pennsylvania, where I was born and raised; Europe - Czech Republic; South America - Guyana; upstate New York; and now Brooklyn, New York City.

Being raised in a large, dysfunctional family has left it's mark, but also has made me who I am. Finally, I'm at point in life that I'm somewhat content and happy with myself. And instead of trying to run from things, as in the past (thus my long list of residences!), I've decided to embrace and enjoy life as it comes.

I live in Clinton Hill - a lovely, little neighborhood in north Brooklyn. I freelance for different companies in Manhattan, so it gives me opportunity to meet lots of people and see different pieces of the city. Therefore, most of my posts will be about adventures and experiences in New York. However, I'm sure there will be some from the past events and musings.

Hope you enjoy my encounters and thoughts on life!

Recurring posts:
  • Photo of the Week
  • Going Veggie 
  • The 'Finding' Posts
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