Friday, May 11, 2012

Photo an Hour #2

Well, my laptop crashed yesterday, so my resources are limited, but I wanted to share another "Photo an Hour" post - Annie Style, that is, lol. As you'll see they're definitely not every hour, on the hour, but hey, I tried. :-) Hope you enjoy!
12pm - my "morning" coffee - Working evenings has turned me into a late riser :-p
1pm - my "lunch": Oatmeal doused in soy milk and cinnamon

6pm - Baked these uber-healthy 5 grain and date cookies

8:30pm - Getting lost on the way to a friend's house - Maria's, Mario's.. can't remember the name, but how cute is this little Italian restaurant in the middle of nowhere - which is Midwood, Brooklyn

9pm - How cool is this shot?!


  1. hey again, Annie, and thank you very much for your sweet comments :)
    this is another great post! I love food posts and photos are essential in every post, at least in my opinion. your lunch and those cookies look super delicious :P I think you should definitely continue making those posts and maybe you even find some cute animals to photograph? :)
    btw, would you like to follow each other's blogs to stay in touch? :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. Your cookies look delicious!!!!!

  3. Hey Annie! Photo an hour (or so) posts are awesome, I am definitely going to have a go at one soon! Those cookies look very tasty, even better that they're healthy too! Cheers for the follow by the way :) Annie

  4. those cookiers seem really good!
    I hope you're doing great Annie!

  5. Nice photos! mmm your baking looks delicious + healthy too, you must link the recipe ;)

    Thank you for the comment, you're so sweet. :) I'm following back, your blog is really lovely aswell.
    Let's stay in touch! :)

    Indie by heart

  6. so you know Im going to NY in summer? do you live in Brooklyn?
    Nice ! I like the cookies , seem super yummy!!!


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