Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Good Things Come Slow' - NYC Marathon 2011

Being a running enthusiast, I have this dream of one day, just maybe, one day running a half-marathon. Once I have that under my belt, a full 26.2 miler will beckon me, I know. Imagine my surprise then, when I discovered the New York City Marathon would go right passed my building. In fact, that I would be able to see it from my bedroom window (see last photo below).

Now even though the event, which took place well over a month ago on October 28,2011, is long gone - I've got photos for inspiration.

And so, after rehashing a dream and post 'The Biggest Loser' season finale tonight, I'm feeling quite up to the challenge. Too bad I'm in bed with heating pad and a bad back.

It's with those thoughts and one my mother's famous sayings echoing in my ears, 'Good things come slow, Ann, good things come slow', that I will end this post and let you peruse these pics.

Til next time...

The support runners received was amazing - it was such a cool thing to witness

The lady with the trombone was hilarious
Totally adorable couple
And thar she blows again, lol

Lafeyette Ave.
'Go Filip n Amy!'

LOVE this sign
Taken from my bedroom window

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Photo of the Week - Coney Island Wonder Wheel

My apologies for vacating the wonderful world of blogosphere!! With a new job and hitting the gym every evening my creative juices haven't really been flowing much, I'm ashamed to say.

Anyway, many moons ago (ok, ok not that many moons ago - September, perhaps) my friend and I paid our respects to one of our favorite spots in Brooklyn - Coney Island. One of the famous sights of Coney Island is none other than the Wonder Wheel ferris wheel. Due to my fear of heights, I would have been fine taking it in from the ground, However, after much convincing by my chum, we clammered into one of the little cars. Good thing - for we got some awesome shots.

Here's one of them :-)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photo of the Week - Times Square

Well, having just come Times Square tonight and getting a few good photos - I fell in love with this Stella billboard. Very retro and swank, don't you think?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Photo of the Week - Brno, Czech Republic

This shot was taken from a tram stop in the center Brno, Czech Republic. I have to admit melancholy feelings and nostalgia well up in me as I remember standing there so many times waiting on the number 9 tram.

For two and a half years I called Brno my home. Saying goodbye in the summer of 2008 felt wrong for, yes, it had become my home. And forever burned in my memory will be all of the sweet people - my students and acquaintances alike - I met and made friends with.

Well, before I get carried away - here it is ...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winter Wonderland - In October

New Yorkers awoke this morning to a downpour of rain, sleet, and wind. This lovely little mix later turned to snow and ice, which has now turned back to rain again as I type.

I ventured out earlier this afternoon and am still thawing out - my toes will vouch for this. Anyway, despite braving the elements, I was able to get a few good shots of the first snowfall of the season.

Clinton Ave. outside my building

Lafayette Avenue

Washington Street

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo of the Week - Farm Life

Sometimes it is good to just take a moment and remember one's roots. This photo of the week says it all for me. Despite being an NYC city girl at the moment, I am always in awe whenever I return back to the hills of Pennsylvania - far from the concrete jungle that surrounds me.

Here my sister, Katie, and niece and nephew - Ondra and Ellie, are feeding 'Bubba' the cow, and 'Mini' and 'Copper', the miniature horses, while their dog, 'Maddie' assesses the situation.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quite the Encounter

A few days ago my friends and I were enjoying some coffee and sunshine outside a local cafe when I spotted the most precious sight. An adorable little puppy was sitting patiently on the sidewalk waiting for her master. To our surprise she was without a leash and followed ever so willingly wherever he went.

Well I started snapping a few photos, when the pair decided to head over to our bench. Imagine my sheer delight when the petite pup marched right up to me. It turns out her name was Goldie and she quite enjoyed the love and affection my friend and I were readily pouring over her. Goldie's owner, however, we weren't as thrilled with as he just so happened to be as high as a kite while trying to sell us Ray Ban sunglasses.

And so upon deciphering his state of affairs, we decided to take our leave. This was, of course, not before giving Goldie a few more affectionate pats.  

Photo of the Week - Winter in the City

A friend and I were just discussing wintertime in the city a few nights ago.

Well, this is what the folks in New York City have to look forward to this year. No, it hasn't snowed yet - thank goodness! This was what I was met with in January - my arrival month in NYC.

Looking on the bright side (and when I'm not waddling around like an penguin due to the abundance of layers and a down coat) I'll be curled up with a hot toddy, a good book, and my blanket come cold weather.

Corner of Waverly and Greene - just behind my building

Monday, October 17, 2011

We're Really In Queens??

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to do something that I haven't done in years. My friend, Becky, inquired if I might be interested in substitute teaching for her at a language school in Queens for two days. Being that I miss teaching immensely, I jumped at the chance.

Now my other chum, Jenny, who also teaches at the school had mentioned prior to our departure that this particular part of Queens is more like stepping into a mini Chinatown or Little Korea. Of course, this is due to the large population of Asian immigrants in the last few years. Well, after traveling an hour and going to the end of the train line we finally arrived. Upon emerging from the subway, it felt as if we had been transported to a different world all in just one metro ride.

Anyway, my teaching went very well. I was sorry to leave. Forever burned to my memory will be perhaps the sweetest 16 year-old boy I've ever met - Shudo, who just came from China 2 months ago brought me a sweet and milky cup of coffee the first day. His equally adorable partner, a middle-aged housewife from Korea, shared her homemade soy milk that she labored over that morning before coming to class. It was warm and salty, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My little adventure wouldn't have been complete, for sure, without a meal. Becky, who is fluent in Chinese, treated us to a lunch of dumplings and Bubble Tea.

On a side note: It's one of the things I absolutely treasure about NYC - there is SO much diversity; and I imagine there will never be an end to the amount of fascination it provides. Why not see for yourself? :-)

So many sights to be seen!

The menu

Veggie and meat dumplings

And now in a bath of soy sauce, hot sauce, and vinegar - delish!

'Bubble Tea' - red tea with large tapioca 'bubbles' at the bottom

Miss Jenny and Miss Becky

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweet Surprise

Inspiration for this post came from blogger Anna's photos of these delectable eats. They're oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. My mouth is watering as I type.

Anyway, I made them to take to a party last night.  Needless to say, they were a major hit!

They are quite easy to make - simply mold the cookie dough around an oreo cookie and bake :-)

Note: They are supremely rich, so I suggest cutting them in half. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Photo of the Week - P. Diddy in Brooklyn, NY

Not sure why I was so obsessed with this P. Diddy Ciroc billboard a few months ago. Perhaps it's the sheer sophistication of Mr. Puff Daddy himself surrounded by such ghetto-fabulousness.

At any rate, it sure has won it's spot for Photo of the Week here at Along the Way.  :-)

Summer billboard across from my gym

Monday, October 10, 2011

Photo of the Week - Narrowest House in Central Europe (supposedly)

I just realized I got so carried away with my fascination with New York posts last week, that I forgot to do a Photo of the Week.

Therefore, without further ado, please welcome last week's Photo of the Week. It hails from Bratislava, Slovakia. I came across this little guy in 2006 while on a day trip with my sister and our friends from Czech to the capital of Slovakia.

There are varying opinions as to whether it's the skinniest house in Central Europe (see the cute video below - compliments of aspiebear). But at only 130cm wide, I wouldn't be surprised if it was.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Empire State of Affairs

Even though some days I'd never admit it - deep down I'm a hopeless romantic at heart. I was once again reminded of my romanticism after going to the top of the Empire State Building for the very first time yesterday.

What's so special about the Empire State Building, you ask. Well for starters it is the tallest building New York City with 102 floors and approximately 1,453 feet tall. The spectacular views of NYC from the 86th and 100th floor observatories will take one's breath away. To be there at sunset is no less than fabulous. And I hear that lights of the city after dark are just as supremely amazing.  

Anyway, regardless of statistics, the ESB has been the backdrop and setting of many movies as well. Two of my favorites - 'An Affair to Remember' (1957) with the lovely Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant, and 'Sleepless in Seattle' (1993) starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

Now even though it's been years since I've actually sat down and watched these films, I couldn't help but be reminded of their charm and just how magical it made my visit to the Empire State Building. No, no I didn't meet a handsome date, but perhaps it was just as meaningful.

You see, I have a very dear friend whom I randomly met whilst living in the Czech Republic some years ago. She decided to come to Czech to teach English and we were roommates for 5 short months. During this time we laughed and cried and helped each other get through some hard times. She later fell in love, got married, moved to Germany, and I have not seen her since - until yesterday.

Now the interesting part about it was that even though I knew she and her husband were coming to New York and we definitely planned to meet - this meeting at the Empire State Building was all by chance. We were originally to meet in Brooklyn, but because of my tardiness it turned out to be the ESB.

And so, it is not until after our brief, but very lovely reunion that I'm putting this together and savoring the sweet memory.

And of course, it wouldn't be me if I didn't capture some great photos along the way :-)

So tall I couldn't see the antenna tower

Together again!

Jess and Jack :-)

He was just too cool for school

Great view of Central Park

The Chrysler Building and others

Sunset closing in on the Hudson

Love this one!



Yes, I could have bought the movie! And a travel mug to go with it! (tee hee)

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