Monday, December 17, 2012

Memories of NyC

'Reminiscing is painful for practically
all of my thoughts and memories
are tied to my lost love.
I see his face and feel his touch
and hear his voice in every
snapshot in my mind.
Words cannot give justice to the
amount of sorrow and
heartbreak I feel.

What is that you say?
'Everyone bears this pain at some point.'
No, Please.
Do not downplay my story and sadness
with you so-called words of solace.
I will find some joy and the light of day
But for now,
let me be with my pain, with my memories,
with my lost love.
For I will never love like this again.'

Latest addition to the gallery

Streets of Fort Greene, Brooklyn

The new Barclays Center was within walking distance from me!

I heart Brooklyn.. 4ever!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Small Miracles

Hellllllooo My LoVeS!!!

Omg, I would just like to say how ashamed and sorry I am for disappearing out of thin air for 6 months. Wait I mean 4 months. It seems like 6 months, though. Well, you will be happy to know I'm still alive :-). Horray for small miracles, lol.

There is so much to say, but for now I would just like to show you my latest little venture. I'm still on Instagram, in fact you can find me @alongthewayannie. But I also opened an Instacanvas store, so you can browse my cool photos and gifts of NYC, Brooklyn, and the hills of Pennsylvania here.

Here are a few of my recent shots:

My beloved NYC - oh how I miss you :-(

Some of my Dad's farmland

Yes, Pennsylvania is farm country, lol

So anyway, that's the story for now! How is everyone else?? Plllleeeaase say hi. I've got so much catching up to do. I will try to stop by to everyone else as well. See you soon!

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