Monday, May 28, 2012


Guess what - I'm on Instagram.. I know, I know "Alert the media!" right? Lol. I finally got an Iphone and couldn't be more pleased. I've been carrying around this little flip phone from, what feels like, 1999. I shouldn't complain cause it served it's purpose - RIP little LG baby.

Anywaaaay, here are my very first Instagram picks I took this am -

Which do you like better?? I'm torn (and in case you're wondering they're my bedroom windows) ..

Btw, if you'd like to follow I'm @alongthewayannie :-)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dessert Recipe: Easy Coconut Macaroons

(Extremely Easy!) Coconut Macaroons

Sooo, about a week ago I whipped up these little babies. If you like coconut, you are sure enjoy macaroons. Good thing they were going to a friend - I probably would've eaten the entire batch. Not to be confused with the ever elegant French Macaroon, however, they are much easier (and cheaper!) to prepare.

Recipe  from Baker's
14 oz (approx. 5 and 1/3 cups)  Flaked coconut (sweetened)
2/3 c sugar*
6 Tbsp. flour
1/4 tsp salt
4 egg whites
1 tsp almond extract

Mix coconut, sugar, flour, and salt in large bowl. Stir in egg whites and almond extract until mixed well. Drop by tablespoonful onto cookie sheets (I like to line my cookie sheet with parchment paper.)

Bake at 325 Fahrenheit for 20 min or til edges are golden brown. Remove, cool, and ENJOY! :-)

*you could definitely use less sugar or "diet sugar" as I did. I would like to experiment and use unsweetened coconut as it's a bit healthier.

PS.. apologies for the poorly edited photos. Hoping to get my laptop soon!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some Pinspiration

Here's a little Pinspiration for you this Thursday... All the weather seems to want to do is storm. And all I want to do is sleep, lol. So if anyone needs some cheering up here are a few little gems I found today..

What do you like to do when the weather is nasty outside?

I want her dress and jewellery - totally breathtaking (from here )

Very cool (From here)

This little guy steals my heart (from here)

Don't these look wonderful?? (from here)
haha - so true! (from here)

Where I'd like to be today with my book and coffee (from here) 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

Well, it's quite the Wednesday here in NYC - overcast and then suddenly out nowhere a brutal hailstorm arrived. Well, no matter, I still wanted to share these adorable and/or inspiring photos... Enjoy!

How adorable can you get?? (from

This super cool lounge and curtain (from here)

This seriously cool photo in Morocco (from here)

This dreamy magical bedroom (from

Book lovers paradise (from here)

This gorgeousness (from here)


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Food Confessions 101

You know, I've had quite a few posts about healthy recipes. So I thought it would be fun to share one of my food "vices" that (for sure) is not on the most-healthy list. Don't get me wrong I love eating healthy and have made it a way of life. In fact, healthy eating and serious workouts have enabled me to lose 52 lbs within the last year or so. But once in awhile it is nice to enjoy something you really like - regardless of how "bad" it is for you. And that would bring me to prepackaged ramen noodles in all their sodium and MSG-filled goodness. I don't know what it is that make them such comfort food delight  - perhaps the salty broth and smooth silky noodles. And at 30 cents a pack, they are quite economical as well.

That all being said, my ramen days do need to be brought to a close, for one bowl boasts a whopping 1,000+ milligrams of sodium - a weeks worth I'm sure (well maybe not a week). It was yummy while it lasted.

What are your favorite 'not so healthy' foods?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh, the Sweet Smell of Springtime

Being in the city it's not often that one gets to enjoy some greenery. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, I was surrounded by fields, mountains, gardens, forests. It seemed there was no end to bountiful grass, trees, and flowers. How I took it for granted. I now find myself wistfully longing for the by-gone days of my youth and childhood when I would play among the huge lilac bushes in the front lawn of our old house, or smell the sweet scent of a begonia bush in the back yard, and when my brother and I would get into some mischief by the pine trees on my parents' farm. (In fact, I seem to recall a certain opossum incident one cold winter. The poor guy had already gone to the happy hunting grounds when it seemed to my little brother and I that he just needed to go out in a bit more style. So hang him up by the tail from the pine tree branch, we did - for all to see and observe.)

Winter and opossum incidents aside, springtime always - wherever I am in the world, gives me a hopeless case of nostalgia. Perhaps it is the abunance of green and living color, or the fresh smells, or the dewey rains. Perhaps it is everything about springtime all together that takes me back to those bygone days of fields, grass, and flowers...

And then I wake up. Which would be to the sound of a blaring car horn that makes me want to scream curses at the top of lungs. (You didn't think that poetic prose was gonna last too long, did you? lol) And I remember I am in New York City - the city that never sleeps and doesn't want you to, either. I also recall all the things I have given up to be here, but also all of the things I have gained. And I decide once more to look on the bright side of life.

And on that bright side are these gorgeous roses that I've been able to see every day this week on my walk to the gym.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's All About the Hair

You know, I try to do my best at looking good, but I find myself getting frustrated with the ol hair situation. I've been growing it out for awhile now and it's getting really long. And to be perfectly honest, I have chubby cheeks so I don't feel comfortable to have it just "hanging" there. So for some time I've found myself just pulling it up into tight top knot or high ponytail.

Chubby cheeks or not, long hair is a lot of work and once in awhile it deserves to be shown off.

Sooo, I wanted to share with you all what I stumbled across - Katie's tutorial on how to curl hair from here. It made all the difference! Turns out I've been curling my hair wrong for years, lol. I started with clean hair on Friday, and with some dry shampoo and touch ups, it lasted through Sunday.

What do you think of the results??

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Pakistani Dress

So a few days ago I posted a pic of my new Pakistani style dress that my friend's father hand tailored. Well I finally wore it the night before last and took some photos :-) I got a ton of compliments, and can I just say I would wear those pants or 'shalwar' EVERY day if i had more pairs. They are extremely light and airy.

What do you think?

I wore my gold sandals which I should have had for this photo - they really made the outfit

Oh the pants! I love the pants!

The top or 'kameez' has a sweetheart neckline, which camera is hiding part of

With my sequined black shawl

Monday, May 14, 2012

Style Inspiration - Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham

Just wanted to share what I came across yesterday morning.. This gorgeous Jenny Packham teal dress worn by Kate Middleton. Her shoes are Jimmy Choo. OMG - so beautiful!

I find myself being drawn to Kate's style - it's very elegant, classy, and modest but with modern femininity. What are your thoughts on Kate's wardrobe?

photos from MSN now

this photo from here

Friday, May 11, 2012

Photo an Hour #2

Well, my laptop crashed yesterday, so my resources are limited, but I wanted to share another "Photo an Hour" post - Annie Style, that is, lol. As you'll see they're definitely not every hour, on the hour, but hey, I tried. :-) Hope you enjoy!
12pm - my "morning" coffee - Working evenings has turned me into a late riser :-p
1pm - my "lunch": Oatmeal doused in soy milk and cinnamon

6pm - Baked these uber-healthy 5 grain and date cookies

8:30pm - Getting lost on the way to a friend's house - Maria's, Mario's.. can't remember the name, but how cute is this little Italian restaurant in the middle of nowhere - which is Midwood, Brooklyn

9pm - How cool is this shot?!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Photo an Hour

I've been inspired with this 'Photo An Hour' theme some are doing their blogs. Wednesday, I decided to give it a try. Though I didn't quite make a photo every waking hour - I did get a few interesting shots.
11am - coming home from a friend's house - i noticed this building art on near my street. NYC has some killer billboards and building art.. I keep saying I'm going to make a photo collection. Well, I guess this is the first shot!

12 pm - Checking out my new Pakistani outfit. My friend's father, who is a tailor, handmade it. Watch for an upcoming post. Btw girls, those pants are the MOST comfortable you will EVER wear. 

1pm - Leaving again - I noticed this 'No Frack' sign right across the street from my building. Frack is short for 'induced hydraulic fracturing' or 'hydrofracking'. The people are referring to the method used to obtain gas and oil from the ground.  It is feared that this method can cause water contamination.  Interestingly, most of Brooklyn's water supply is from upstate NY where there are many companies drilling for gas and oil. 
10pm - Going out with my new trench (Target) and shawl (Pakistani shoppe) Please forgive the messy background. I didn't edit this photo.

Monday, May 7, 2012

First Makeup Shots

I few nights ago I decided to take a few pics after I finished applying makeup and wanted to share. This is my totally first Makeup/Fashion post - and I'm rather hesitant. So please let me know what you think!

The results :-)

Products I used:

Face -
MAC Studio Fix Foundation
Cover Girl Concealer
Smashbox Be Discovered Cream Cheek Trio - In Lights

Brows -
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil - Hazel

Eyes -
NYC Sparkle Eye Dust - Champagne
Maybelline Stylish Smokes - Amethyst
Hashmi - Kajal (Pakistani Eye Charcoal)
VS High Definition Mascara

Lips -
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick - Rosette
Lancome Color Fever Gloss - Blazing Pink

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Photo of the Week - Midtown Manhattan

Taken as the afternoon sun was going down from atop of the Empire State Building. You can see a bit of Central Park in the background.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

kelly & katie

People that know me, know that I have little sisters who are twins. They are complete whippersnappers, that Katie and Kelly. Recently I came across this cute brand at DSW - nonother than, kelly & katie!

kelly & katie is a stylish and inexpensive line that consists of handbags and shoes. I couldn't resist buying these cute little wallets to send my sisters in Pennsylvania. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Life Lately #2

Please forgive my long absense. My blogging motivation has been lacking these days I'm afraid to say :-((  But I'm trying to get back into the swing of things - unbegrudgingly.

That being said, I wanted to share a few things that I'm excited and happy about - enjoy!

A nite shot of a flowering Dogwood tree (totally guessing on the kind)

Love springtime!
Spices for Chana

More ingredients - turned out yummy!

SP - I know i shouldn't but it's too dang funny :-p

Love Butters!
My friend's persnickity kitty

My Pakistani style earrings - watch for an upcoming post featuring the adorable shop i purchased from

            And these ridiculous but hilarious clips from Seinfeld - one of my all time favorite shows
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