Going Vegetarian

I decided to forgo all meat (yes, even fish) back in the beginning of 2008. My four-year anniversary is fast approaching in January.

Reasons for becoming a vegetarian:

1. It's so much healthier

After completing the mother of cleanses for almost 3 months (something that I swear by, and was the absolute best thing I could ever do for myself health wise. Check out Dennis Paulson's website), meat had lost almost all it's appeal. Besides, I didn't want to put anything that would contribute to more parasite growth after going through such a grueling, but amazing process.

(Forgive me, I tend to get up on my soapbox when embarking on this topic.)

2. Cruelty to animals in mass production farms of the USA

The second biggest reason - whilst on my cleanse I happened upon the book, 'Diet for a New America' by John Robbins (yes, one of the guys from the famed ice cream chain Baskins Robbins). Little did I know that what I would be about to read would be an uncovering of one of the most shocking, disgusting exploitations I had ever had ever heard of. Yes, Mr. Robbins takes a brutally honest look at the major meat, poultry, and dairy farms of America, what is done to the produce, and how the animals are kept. What he finds is simply appalling and mind-blowing. I knew, then and there, that I did not want to help support such horrifying abuse of animals.

A few other enlightening links regarding animal cruelty at mass production farms:




It's Just a Way of Life Now
People sometimes ask, 'don't you miss it?!' or, 'I could never go without meat!'.  And yes, once in awhile I do miss a good hot dog or piece of bacon (though it just seems there is something wrong with the fact that I've even typed that!). But the health benefits far outweigh what I've given up. And there are also many alternatives. It also forces me to think outside the box and enjoy foods I never would have had I not given up meat.

And so, it really is just a way of life now. Therefore, from time to time, I will share what I've learned, health tidbits, or any scrumptious recipes I concoct or come across! :-)
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