Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Photo of the Week - Brno, Czech Republic

This shot was taken from a tram stop in the center Brno, Czech Republic. I have to admit melancholy feelings and nostalgia well up in me as I remember standing there so many times waiting on the number 9 tram.

For two and a half years I called Brno my home. Saying goodbye in the summer of 2008 felt wrong for, yes, it had become my home. And forever burned in my memory will be all of the sweet people - my students and acquaintances alike - I met and made friends with.

Well, before I get carried away - here it is ...


  1. wow, what a great photograph; such movement. leaving home is always difficult, especially if there are good people there.

  2. I'm sure you miss it a lot..great photo.

  3. Lovely photography. I wasn't lucky enough to call the Czech Republic (or Brno) my home, but I visited Prague and now looking at any photo of the Czech Republic makes me nostalgic.


  4. thanks for the comments, ladies! :-)

    i'm sure you can all agree, that sometimes travelling and living away from home comes a price, but wouldn't change it for the world!!


  5. Beautiful photograph! I'm dying to get out and travel more. :)

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  7. This photo is so beautiful ! I would love to visit a place like this someday!

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  8. Wow, you've been to many places I guess.
    Lovely photo, my love.
    I can't wait to see your next travel photo.
    I've always wanted to go to Czech someday.

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