Monday, October 17, 2011

We're Really In Queens??

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to do something that I haven't done in years. My friend, Becky, inquired if I might be interested in substitute teaching for her at a language school in Queens for two days. Being that I miss teaching immensely, I jumped at the chance.

Now my other chum, Jenny, who also teaches at the school had mentioned prior to our departure that this particular part of Queens is more like stepping into a mini Chinatown or Little Korea. Of course, this is due to the large population of Asian immigrants in the last few years. Well, after traveling an hour and going to the end of the train line we finally arrived. Upon emerging from the subway, it felt as if we had been transported to a different world all in just one metro ride.

Anyway, my teaching went very well. I was sorry to leave. Forever burned to my memory will be perhaps the sweetest 16 year-old boy I've ever met - Shudo, who just came from China 2 months ago brought me a sweet and milky cup of coffee the first day. His equally adorable partner, a middle-aged housewife from Korea, shared her homemade soy milk that she labored over that morning before coming to class. It was warm and salty, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My little adventure wouldn't have been complete, for sure, without a meal. Becky, who is fluent in Chinese, treated us to a lunch of dumplings and Bubble Tea.

On a side note: It's one of the things I absolutely treasure about NYC - there is SO much diversity; and I imagine there will never be an end to the amount of fascination it provides. Why not see for yourself? :-)

So many sights to be seen!

The menu

Veggie and meat dumplings

And now in a bath of soy sauce, hot sauce, and vinegar - delish!

'Bubble Tea' - red tea with large tapioca 'bubbles' at the bottom

Miss Jenny and Miss Becky


  1. Wow, it's so funny how that look so much like Soho in London or even Hong Kong.

    Maria xx

  2. you always give me great ideas for my future trip to NY !
    oh by the way I follow you on Bloglovin!


    ☆ Letizia

  3. omg i love dumplings, they look so yummy!! and BOBA <3 !!


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