Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Good Things Come Slow' - NYC Marathon 2011

Being a running enthusiast, I have this dream of one day, just maybe, one day running a half-marathon. Once I have that under my belt, a full 26.2 miler will beckon me, I know. Imagine my surprise then, when I discovered the New York City Marathon would go right passed my building. In fact, that I would be able to see it from my bedroom window (see last photo below).

Now even though the event, which took place well over a month ago on October 28,2011, is long gone - I've got photos for inspiration.

And so, after rehashing a dream and post 'The Biggest Loser' season finale tonight, I'm feeling quite up to the challenge. Too bad I'm in bed with heating pad and a bad back.

It's with those thoughts and one my mother's famous sayings echoing in my ears, 'Good things come slow, Ann, good things come slow', that I will end this post and let you peruse these pics.

Til next time...

The support runners received was amazing - it was such a cool thing to witness

The lady with the trombone was hilarious
Totally adorable couple
And thar she blows again, lol

Lafeyette Ave.
'Go Filip n Amy!'

LOVE this sign
Taken from my bedroom window

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  1. So are you goingg to do it next year!!? the photos are great, I'm not a running enthusiast like you but I love the atmosphere and the people seem really happy! sport is life !


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