Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quite the Encounter

A few days ago my friends and I were enjoying some coffee and sunshine outside a local cafe when I spotted the most precious sight. An adorable little puppy was sitting patiently on the sidewalk waiting for her master. To our surprise she was without a leash and followed ever so willingly wherever he went.

Well I started snapping a few photos, when the pair decided to head over to our bench. Imagine my sheer delight when the petite pup marched right up to me. It turns out her name was Goldie and she quite enjoyed the love and affection my friend and I were readily pouring over her. Goldie's owner, however, we weren't as thrilled with as he just so happened to be as high as a kite while trying to sell us Ray Ban sunglasses.

And so upon deciphering his state of affairs, we decided to take our leave. This was, of course, not before giving Goldie a few more affectionate pats.  


  1. oh I love this cute dog...but I have a bad thought : I would have put the dog in my bag and take it with me ahaha (oh no, Of course I wouldn't do that...;))

    have a great we, lucky you, in new york (we can exchange?)

  2. Oh my God!!!! It's sooooo CUTE!!!!

  3. I did a double take cause that dog is too cute to be real!


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