Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mo's Sweet Shoppe

A few weeks ago, I headed home to help out at mom's new business - a little bakery in the rural town of Galeton, Pennsylvania called, 'Mo's Sweet Shoppe'. Now that I'm back in NYC, I'm still missing the yummy aromas and sweet treats (well my hips aren't). But much more than that I miss what Mo has created - a little haven where one can come for a quick bite of heaven or to linger over a cup of coffee with old friends at the comfy retro tables. And of course, being with my hilarious sisters and neice was absolutely priceless.

Part of the sitting area at Mo's
My neice - Ellie and sis - Delonna
Growing up, I have very fond memories of watching for hours Mom, or Mo as she is affectionately known, roll out pie dough by hand creating silky pumpkin or crisp streusel-topped apple pies, huge batches of chocolate chip cookies, or her famous jello cake.

Mo at work in the kitchen of the Shoppe on the cake below
Yummy vanilla cupcakes with peanut butter frosting
A few other things Mom was famous for amongst all us kids, was her yummy, piping hot soups. She would throw together a humongous kettle - and when I say humongous, it really was. Though, with a large family and any guests that walked through the door, it would usually last 2 days - max. Occasionally, we didn't even get a chance to enjoy for sometimes it was first come, first serve. Being afraid to miss out, there were those of us known to greedily snatch away the prize dish and keep for themselves.

Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting and edible pearls
Hank's soda
A well known story that surfaces itself quite often - is about a certain male sibling who snuck away with a large kettle of fresh broccoli cheese soup. Now this soup had been prepared, and Mom was quite certain it was her best - something whoever had had the chance to try would certainly attest to. Well, awhile later the soup nowhere to be found. Now that's silly, after all, soup just doesn't grow legs and walk out. But after much looking, the search was finally abandoned, when low and behold, a few days later the kettle was found in this male sibling's room - completely empty. So yes, people will go to great lengths to secure something yummy of Mo's.

Donuts with chocolate frosting

More cupcakes!
For as long as I can remember, anyone who ever walked through the front door of the Chalmers' Home was always welcome to a full stomach. Whether it was a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, just hot dogs and hamburgers, or some lovely dessert, such as her cookies or pies, my parents always insisted the visitor grab a plate and stay awhile.  

It certainly is no different at Mo's Sweet Shoppe - Mo believes in that same good old ethic of hospitality. She loves her customers, wants them to feel at home, and have their sweet tooth completely satisfied. One of her signature goodies is a plate, and I really mean plate-sized, cinnamon roll that could easily feed 4 people. Enjoying her Red Velvet Cupcakes with it's smooth cream cheese frosting, you'll feel like you're in cupcake heaven. One of my favorites are her Oatmeal Raisin cookies that practically melt in your mouth. And the amazing thing about Mo's is, if she doesn't have it for you, she'll make it. She's also open to suggestions as well.

And more donuts with peanut butter frosting
No dessert is complete without a cup of piping hot fresh coffee. Mo believes in having the best - that's why she serves Green Mountain Coffee. In fact, if you stop in and mention you read about her here at Along the Way, you'll be treated to a free coffee, flavor of your choice. Compliments of Mo.  

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  1. oh those strawberries on that cake , seem delicious! you're lucky to have a mum who knows how to cook and a fun place like this!

    oh and I'll check your etsy's profile !!




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