Monday, February 27, 2012

Fashion DIY - Sparkle Nails

Well, I am very excited to incorporate this very first DIY and Fashion post into my blog!

Being inherently blessed with strong, healthy nails thanks mostly to my Grandmother, I feel the need from time to time to showcase them. :-) The following DIY is super easy and super classy. And it can most certainly be done on long OR short nails.

1. Start by applying 2 or 3 coats of color nail polish

2. For example, I used Sinful Colors Professional in 'Espresso' and this Glitter polish from Urban Outfitters

3. After it has dried, apply Glitter polish at base of nail in a slant - the slant gives a neat effect and is easier to apply than a straight line across

4. Finish by doing a slant across the top - apply as many glitter coats to get the look you want. After drying, apply a top coat if you wish.

5. Viola! You can mix it up and do all of your nails with the glitter or just one or two, depending on your time limit. Also, sometimes, I will just apply to the top of nail for a French manicure look. Mix it up and HAVE FUN! :-)


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