Friday, February 24, 2012

Keepin' Busy

Or, I should say, "TRYING TO" keep busy. It's amazing what work can do for a person, whether it's postive or negative. I'm 'on call' at my present job and did not get called this week. I totally love working for there and the team of people are complete dolls, however, when there is a lack of employment, it certainly can take a toll on the pocketbook, as well as, the spirits.

So, in the midst of finding myself wondering if and when this week would ever end, I decided to not give in to self-pity (lol, try, anyway) and keep myself busy with little projects. Of course, this was at about the half-way point of the week when my daily jaunts to the gym and Target were just not cutting it. I decided to make lists of things that needed to get done and mark things off one by one upon completion. This simple act can give a person the most amazing sense of accomplishment despite how menial the tasks may be.

What I feel like sometime :-p
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Well, McCracken certainly hit on something, lol
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 I also embarked on a cleaning spree yesterday that will spill over into today I'm sure. Not to be forgotten is a bit of online shopping that needed to be done. I've been without camera for the past few months and am finally feeling the effects of having to scour the internet for photos for most of my blog posts. So I'm impatiently awaiting my little new Nikon. And since time cannot usually be found for cooking, today I'll make my special chickpea curry for a good friend.

 Totally love

My curry or 'chana masala' ;-)
And, of course, I've been trying to devote more time to my blog, devise goals, and plan for Along the Way's future. So thank you to all of my lovely readers for dropping by! You certainly help brighten my day!! :-)

Would love to hear how you all keep motivated and goal-oriented...


  1. it's cool to have small projects to keep your mind busy instead of doing nothing (like some people I know!)
    For me I go to the gym, it helps me thinking positive too!

  2. sorry to hear about the job situation.... it can be tough when you love a place, enjoy the work, but may not be making quite enough or having as many hours as you would like to keep busy. my best friend is going through a similar ordeal out in california.

    stay busy with your side projects and stay positive!


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