Monday, February 20, 2012

2012's First Sign of Spring

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You'll notice I'm keeping this real as I said 'sign' and not 'signs', lol. Here in New York City we've had pretty much zero snow this season with the exception of two fluke storms - one in October and then another perhaps a month or two ago. Still, February is February.. need I say more?

Anyway, today on my 4:30pm walk to the gym the sun was still going strong and I found myself wearing my Ray-Bann wannabees. This was quite the ordeal as I've pretty much retired my sunglasses for the season despite my extremely sensitive eyes. It's still quite chilly and I continue to bundle up in my candy-apple wool coat with cheeks to match, but hey, I count my blessings these days.

Sooo.. what are some things you're looking forward to about Spring?


  1. It's getting a bit brighter here too, although I'm not busting out my sunglasses just yet. I'm most looking forward to the blossom on the trees, I didn't manage to get a good enough picture last year xx

  2. Looks like we are going to have an early Spring
    which makes me happy about it.
    Yesterday, I did some work at the backyard pulling some weeds
    and guess what I saw? Tulip buds are starting to come out- another
    sign that Spring is coming.

    Have a great day, darling!

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  4. cute rabbit;)
    well I cant wait to wear my rayban too!
    Im sick today that's because Im cold I just cant stand winter anymore!!

    happy friday


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