Friday, October 7, 2011

New Hair

OK, so fall is here - time for a change. Though if it were all up to me, I would assign New York City permanent keeper of summer and spend more of my days at Coney Island. I'm so not ready to pack away my sandles, sundresses, and bronzer.

But if I must, I must. No amount of my complaining and boohooing is going to convince the weather to change for the one and only, Miss Annie Chalmers (tee hee).

Back to the thought of change - hair is always a good place to start. I was super-duper close to going mega short with a cute pixie that is very trendy right now. And then I thought, maybe not such a good idea with winter closing in. I'll be needing more coverage in the frigid NYC temperatures, not less!

That being said, I would like to rave about the my latest found deal of the century. Knowing that I am new to the city - and on a budget these days - my good friend referred me to a fabulous website called Salon Apprentice. If you live in London, Sydney, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, or Los Angeles you can take advantage of the services of newly graduated salon students and apprentices.

These professionals are highly trained and highly supervised. You may go in and serve as model for a hair class and receive the service free of charge (like I did), or take advantage of their discounted prices. Whatever you decide - when you go from having to pay $200-$300 dollars (or more) for hair service to free of charge (don't forget a thank you and tip, though!), it's totally worth it.

I decided to continue with the whole "summer" theme and go more platinum blonde. Lizzie did an amazing job and I'm soooo thankful!! In fact, everyone at Whistle were absolute dolls. I definitely recommend checking them out!

Please see my results :-)

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