Sunday, October 2, 2011

For the Love of New York

A friend recently asked me what my favorite thing to do in New York City was. And, in all honesty, I could not answer him. Sure, there are the obvious things to do here - party, culture, museums, eat out at a different place every night for the rest of your days - they are all fabulous and I appreciate them in their place.

However, last night after being driven from my apartment by my roommate's noisy visiting nephews, I sipped red wine in solidarity from an insanely adorable French cafe with ambiance to die for. There, I had time to peruse the subject. As the alternating amorous French and Spanish music played, the candles danced their flickering shadows, and a group of young 20 and 30 somethings sat discussing films from 60s and 70s - there I was alone with my thoughts and wine on a Saturday evening at this ridiculously quixotic French bistro.

Now some, myself included at times, may have definite thoughts about being in this possible uncomfortable and awkward situation. (Seriously, who wants to be alone and single at a romantic joint on a Saturday night?) However, before I let me emotions get away from me, I've decided to - if at all possible - not get too riled up about certain things that happen, and just observe the situations, people, and my own reactions.

And then it dawned on me - this is what I love about New York City. One never knows what fascinating situation they will find themselves in next. Whether it be sitting in solitude at a romantic French cafe (after all, there really is nothing wrong with me enjoying a bit of ambiance regardless if it be by myself or with someone), escorting your elderly neighbor lady and her friend on a clothes shopping expedition and observing the ensuing antics from these whipper snappers of human beings (yes, a very recent happening), or dating exotic, foreign chaps that one would never find in the hills of Pennsylvania - this is what I am enamored with the most about NYC.

You also have no idea who you will meet next and the ensuing story of their lives - where they're from, what got them to New York in the first place, and how they feel about it. Seeing New York, and the world in general, through different eyes is priceless in my opinion.

And then there are all the different situations, as previously mentioned, that one can lose themselves in. Coming from a tiny village in rural Pennsylvania, I never cease to be amazed how different the world can be in comparison to such a small place.

So now I can tell my friend - this is what I'm in love with about New York.


  1. Wow. wow. wow..

    I indeed enjoyed reading this so much. you'r a true writer. I like to spend smoe special nights in NYC. I'd like to know how it taste in there.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Have a sweet nights!


  2. What a major compliment! Thank you :-)

  3. It would be the same if someone asked me what I like about Barcelona. the sun? eating out? going to a night club, museums?
    Well what I prefer is that anytime anywhere everything can happen! and I like to observe people too!


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