Friday, September 2, 2011

Prima Donna (receptionist) for a Day

I'm sitting as I type from the reception desk of Kate Spade New York, an uppity designer company in the heart of New York City. Colorful walls surround me; one that says 'introducing THE YEAR OF THE PATTERN' on a backdrop of cherry red floral pattern. There are also patent smooth mannequins adorned with the latest styles for fall and showrooms filled with lucious handbags. Cool, electic music plays in the background. A round vase of wilting, chalkwhite hydrangeas sits beside my phone. I've borrowed the super trendy cream ring left behind by the receptionist I'm filling if for. It looks great on my small, siren-red nailed finger. (Note to self, 'be sure to remove from hand before leaving.') And despite my tired, slightly hungover eyes I'm feeling like a millon dollars.

Today is Labor Day Friday so the office is rather quiet  (thus the time for a quick recount of my experience here), however, I have already chatted with a pleasant gent from Johannasburg, South Africa. And I couldn't help but swoon over two Italian vendors with thick, gorgeous accents - one of which, is named Massimo.

Some Kate Spade lovelies:

Soooo wonderful, but more than my rent for the month

Sparkles galore!


Fido is even in for the day. Two pooches have pranced by my area.

And I've observed yet another fashion trend, or should I say fashion faux pas, on an American bloke - loafers without socks. This is quite common among the in vogue male population here in the city, however, I cannot seem to get used to it.

And so as my morning is ending, the office is all a buzz with the much anticipated arrival of pizza and beer in celebration of the summer's finale.  

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  1. those shoes! amazing!!
    thank you for the blog love xo


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