Tuesday, September 13, 2011

'New York, New York - A Wonderful Town'

I have to admit (and in case you haven't noticed) I've been a bit down on New York lately. When a person lives here, it can be unforgiving. But there are many amazing sights and things to do despite it's unforgivingness.

In honor of 9/11, The Classic Movie Channel dedicated all films to New York on Sunday. I just so happened to catch 'On the Town', a 1949 musical with Gene Kelley and Frank Sinatra (*swoon*).  Musicals were part of our childhood growing up, so it was with much nostalgia that I watched this classic.

'On the Town'

'New York, New York'  (for some reason, I couldn't embed the videos from Youtube, so here are the links)

In the movie 3 sailors have exactly 24 hours of shore leave in the Big Apple. They explore the city hitting sites such as, The Empire State Building and Coney Island, all while looking for girls to spend their day with. Anyway, their excitement is totally contagious and gives those of us that live here renewed longing to enjoy the city, and perhaps even be a tourist for a day or two!

Here's a little taste of the Big City:

Old meets modern - Manhattan

 The Empire State Building

Ah, the famous yellow taxi

Statue of Liberty from Governor's Island

From Governor's Island

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Heights
With my friend, Amanda, in Times Square - '08

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