Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Going Veggie - Warm, Fall Breakfast Cereal

Okay, okay I give. Fall is here - much to my chagrin. It's not that I dislike fall, it's just that I miss my sunshine, warm beach days, and sundresses. And once fall arrives, I now know that winter is just around the corner. I'm starting to feel like anything below 65 Fahrenheit, is just too chilly for me. Guessing it would be a good idea to relocate some place near the equator.

Anyway, complaining aside, fall does mean change - which is almost always a good thing. New wardrobe, big chunky sweaters, thick scarves, and cute hats! Food changes too.That's why I decided to make this warm, hearty cereal again. It's vegetarian and can be veganized if made with soy milk!

Consisting of:
  1. cooked bulgar wheat (can be purchased at large supermarkets and health food stores - I like Bob's Red Mill brand)
  2. dried fruit - such as currants or raisins
  3. ground flaxseed (more on flaxseed in this post)
  4. soy milk
  5. cinnamon and/or cloves (or a spice of your choice)
  6. and a healthy sweetener - such as, stevia or honey
On with the directions:
  • Cook bulgar according to directions on package. (I usually cook 1 cup and keep in the refrigerator for the week.)
  • About half-way through cooking, add raisins (or whatever you choose). This allows them to be infused with water, plump up, and become juicy!
  • For a single serving - once bulgar is cooked, add milk, flaxseed, dash of spice, and sweetener.
  • Enjoy!
Note: only add the milk, flaxseed, spices, and sweetener to the single serving if you are going to keep the rest in refrigerator. The bulgar will stay fresher on its own. (Adding flaxseed to wet things and allowing to sit causes it become thick and not very appetizing.)

Bulgar is high in fiber and protein - a single serving as 7 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein

Finished! Yum!

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