Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Finding the Czech Republic

These 'Finding' series of posts are dedicated to different parts of the world that sometimes get little mention here in the Western hemisphere. 

First up - Czech Republic. From 2006-2008, I lived in this lovely, quite picturesque country located in very heart of Europe. It is composed of 2 areas - Bohemia to the east, and Moravia to the west. I hung my hat in Brno, which is situated in Moravia close to the Austrian border.

Czech Republic is famous for it's beer or 'pivo' as they say, it's beautiful city, Prague, and a little known fact - the word 'robot' is of Czech origin. The country is also known for it's glass, crystal, and beads, as well as, it's medicinal hot springs. You may have heard of, perhaps the most famous, Karlovy Vary.

Whenever a person leaves their home country and goes to another, often times there are many things that you have to adjust to. It usually is the people that help make it easier to continue on in your home away from home. My years spent in Czech were no different. Befriending the people was what made my time there most enjoyable and, dare I say, all worth it. I learned so much from them.

Following are some photos I feel best capsulize the beauty of Czech Republic. I hope I can return someday.


Brno from Spalicek shopping center

Moravian Countryside

"my Brno" :-)


Translation - 'Best Beer in All Moravia' :-)

Prague - on Karlov Most or 'Charles' Bridge'

An adorable flat in the suburbs of Prague

A village in which I forget the name

Yours truly - in Prague


With one of my sweetest friends (on the planet!), Jana - Brno

I believe this is Petrov Castle

Beautiful Prague

The streets of Brno

Josefska Ulica - Joseph Street - Brno

And we can't forget ... 'the best beer in all Moravia'


  1. Everyone who visited Prague says it's beautiful.
    Brno looks like a nice city too!
    Have a great day!

  2. Beautiful photos! I've always wanted to visit Prague...s*i*g*h*...maybe someday! :) Amanda


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