Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Out and About in Brooklyn

My good friend, Jenny, and I met for a spur of the moment coffee this afternoon. She was in between jobs and me, well, being unemployed at the moment and not having been out of my apartment yet, was more than happy to oblige.

After downing our lattes and getting winks from the earthy, exotic barista bloke, we decided to head off to the local library in search of some English textbooks for her TESL class in the morning.

I just so happened to include the camera in my bag and was able to get a few nice shots. :-)

So many flowers

The lovely Miss Jennie

An old apartment building on Washington St.

A sunflower patch 'grows in Brooklyn'

Little 'Gordon King' - my neighbor's pup - soooo adorable!

My library finds :-)


  1. Lovely blog! Inspirational pictures! Following you! Follow me back if you also like my blog please! =}


  2. Great photos! I have never been to Brooclyn, but i think i would like it! :)


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