Monday, August 8, 2011


Location: Universal

They say time can heal many things. I'm not so sure about that adage. It seems that time and space only make the shaft of pain and emptiness grow larger and deeper.

One can try to fill the cavern with other good and clean elements; and sometimes it helps. I find myself discovering other pieces of my soul that maybe I didn't know existed; also exploring new and interesting crevices of this vast city; and finding different things to occupy my time. But therein that word, 'things', lays the problem. Never can any amount of things replace people that have touched your life so very sweetly.

They say to be strong. They say to find others to spend time with. Maybe for some these are easy things to do or say, but for as me, I've learned they are two of the hardest feats I will ever have to accomplish.

You can travel the world over discovering different concepts, ideas, interests, people. And whilst these are amazing, I suppose I am torn with the thought of leaving certain ones behind and trying to forget.

Or perhaps I am wrong. Maybe we just have to appreciate our experiences with loved ones for what they were - a short, but beautiful piece of precious time, leaving us an enchanting memory to treasure forever.

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