Sunday, August 7, 2011


Location: Clinton Hill - Brooklyn, NY


Upon arriving at the subway platform some weeks ago, violin music echoed through the entire station. It was the man who is there probably once a week. Whether he has a set day or not, I do not know. All I knew was how it made me feel. It had been all I could do that morning to pry myself out of bed not wanting to face another day with a heavy heart that resulted from some dismal things that have happened in my life. The sad, forlorn music that flowed so soothingly from his violin somehow seemed to comfort my weary soul. 'Too bad he was on the other side of the tracks', I thought, he would have gotten a huge tip and I probably would have bought all of his CDs.

Then, not long ago, for some strange reason my friend and I were having a discussion about a certain violinist who frequents the subway stations. She had also heard him play and was able to buy his CD. It turns out that the mysterious man with the violin is Tom Swafford. As a token of her kinship and generosity, she gave me the CD.

I would have to say that Tom's music most assuredly fits the category of a soothing consolation. But you may decide for yourself at his website:


Why is it when we feel as if our heart has been ripped from our chest, that music can sometimes be just the healing balm that is needed to soothe the pain? But at other times it can be like salt to a wound that stings and festers?

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  1. I especially like the last paragraph.


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