Friday, July 22, 2011

Teacher's Pet

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Whilst working as a receptionist at The Weather Channel near Grand Central Station in Midtown, one may be surprised to find that it can be a rather dull experience at times. No matter, for I certainly will be able to give you the very latest updates on the weather at any given time. A few weeks ago, however, we had an advertising class of students from Syracuse, NY in for some lectures. I would guess that the majority of them were from Eastern countries such as, China, Japan, and Korea, including their professor. As he waited for them to finish, the professor sat quietly in the lobby.
Now of the students, there was only one male. He very politely greeted me when he came in. Maybe that’s why he made an impression on my mind. Anyway, I took much delight in observing him as he meandered through the lobby to wait for the rest of the students to finish their presentations. Upon meeting the professor, in his extremely cute, accented English, he greeted him simply saying, ‘Hi, Professor’.
I am debating in my mind why I find this little encounter so endearing. Perhaps it was the gracious, mannerly way he greeted his superior. Or, maybe his pleasant demeanor and respect for authority – qualities that are so lacking in our fast-paced American way of life. And whether genuine or not, it seems soothing to a person’s well-being to encounter these types of traditional values that are all too fast fading away from Western society.

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