Monday, July 11, 2011

A Step Back in Time

Location: Germania, Pennsylvania

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As if coming back to the country to your parents’ farm isn’t enough to give one a taste of the slower things of life, going to an estate auction will. My mom absolutely loves that sort of thing, you know, antiques, thrift stores, yard sales, anything old and nifty. Well, she conned me into going. I wasn’t really thrilled about leaving my quiet, comfy bed at 8 am; after all, I am on vaca (my shortened ‘Annie word’ for vacation). But Mom assured me that it would be worth it, even if we didn’t stay long or find anything. ‘You have to do it at least once, it’s an experience’, she affirmed in her mother Moya voice. Now two years ago I am quite sure I would have stuck up my nose at the idea, but my maturity told me to just trust her judgment and go with it. And I will have you know, she was right. This auction business is serious stuff and for a now conformed city girl hungry for interesting experiences, it did not disappoint.

An old building established 1924

The first auction tent

Some local onlookers

Upon arriving at the scene in Downtown Germania, it happened that there were actually 2 auction tents. One tent was for the neat, hipster goodies, and the other for the tools and equipment. Of course, the tool tent sported mostly farmers and guys looking for tools to tinker with. Sounds of the auctioneers rattling items and their prices buzzed through the air. Onlookers stood around quietly and calmly trying to decide if there was anything they couldn’t live without. However, after about 45 minutes Mom decided there wasn’t really anything she couldn’t do without so we headed home.

Not sure if this bad boy was for auction or not
The tool tent and ticket booth

Who says auctioneers aren't cute?
Now upon reflecting, I say it’s a step back in time because coming from one of the biggest cities in the world, having worked on Park Avenue, near Grand Central Station, at the Empire State Building; and coming to what seems like a halt on time - the contrast is almost unbelievable. Just stepping out on the street in New York City, one has to have the exact sense and direction of where they’re going. If not, you’ll be swept along with sea of white-collars, or perhaps be the object of someone’s impatient wrath. Sad, but true. Thus, my point about coming back to the country where it’s not a sin to have a laid-back stroll or take your grand old time just for the heck of it. Chances are you just might end up enjoying yourself or learning something new.  

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