Thursday, July 7, 2011

Along the Way

On my parents' farm
Stories about travel, food, and life’s experiences along the way..

I grew up in the hills of north central PA in a small village called Germania. Just saying the name to some of my friends evokes the thought of a distant land in medieval Europe. Transylvania, Icelandia, Finlandia, Germania .. you get the picture. A distant land it really is. Some may think Germania is worlds away from “real” civilization. There are dirt roads, cows, farms, and dirt bikes. Oh yes, and fishing. My parents, who really do live on a farm, have to drive one hour, one way just to get to a Wal-mart. That all being said, the hills of Pennsylvania are absolutely some of the most be beautiful country I’ve ever seen.

Fields my father hays every year
Anyway, despite being a country girl at heart, my curiosity and love of distant lands has taken me all over the world, as well as, the fact that I am probably the world’s biggest runner. And I don’t mean as in marathons, lol. You’ve heard the expression, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. That’s me. I’ve lived and trekked in the jungles of Guyana, South America; taught English in Eastern Europe; and now the big city has finally called. I currently rest my head in Brooklyn, New York City.  

Brno, Czech Republic - where I lived

Don’t get me wrong - as I get older I’m trying to work on the whole running thing. But I’m also learning to enjoy where my meandering ways take me. And being able to say that I’ve got hundreds of friends all over the world is one of the best things money can’t buy. To me, they’re worth more than any career could ever be. Also being able to see the world through different eyes, as in, not American eyes is truly.. dare I say eye-opening, lol.
Therefore, I dedicate this blog to where life takes us along the way. Being able to enjoy various cultures, foods, debating the pros and cons of differing situations, countries, etc. – I love it all and can’t wait to share my thoughts, and hear yours. A portion will also, no doubt, cover places in my hood – Clinton Hill/Fort Greene area in Brooklyn, NY.
An old trabant in Czech

With my good friend, Jana - Brno

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