Saturday, July 9, 2011

Going Home

Location: Germania, Pennsylvania

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Home is a 5 hour bus ride west of New York City. Then another 1.5 hour ride after being picked up at the nearest bus station. It just so happens I’m headed there now. No, I’m not going to California rather the hills of north-central Pennsylvania. PA is the 33rd largest state in the US. It is roughly 46,055 square miles (or 119,283 square kilometers). It just goes and goes. If you want that freewheeling, wind in your hair feeling, just take a drive across the state. There is also another plus this time of year – it’s green everywhere; lush, lively, green trees, and fields. 

Behind Dad's barn

The village of Germania, where I was raised, is no exception. First of all, it’s tiny – according to the 2000 (the most current I could find) census there are only about 339 residents. There is one paved road, Rte. 144 that slowly winds through it. The rest are dirt roads. You’ll be able to see a few farms along with some horses and cows. My sisters used to have cows and horses, as well, but they’ve since downsized and now just 3 dogs and 2 fish hang their hats at the farm.

Downtown Germania

The nearest town is about 7 miles away. Galeton is a quaint little place situated around a lake and very picturesque. It even has one traffic light. J
Whenever I head back, I get this eerie, nostalgic feeling. It’s almost hard to put into words. Going back to a place so familiar yet is somehow light years and worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. And I guess the same is true of thinking of being back in my neighborhood in the city. For anyone who is a traveler or has moved far from home, you may know this feeling.

A million miles away


  1. Sure do Annie.. and that going home feeling never goes away. It's a feeling like no other, isn't it????

  2. Well, I'm glad my point came across clearly. I wasn't sure if that last paragraph would make sense :-)


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