Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Weekly Rewind

I prooooomise I'm still alive, lol. Things are kind of in a whirlwind right now. Which saying that just sounds like a repeat of last week, but I guess that's just life sometimes. I am quite certain everyone can relate. I have been trying to leave the stress at the gym and it seems to be working, Lol.

I've been getting bits and pieces here and there of all your lovely posts and trying to leave my "two cents" when possible. Anyway, here are some sweet shots of my crazy week.

PS.. What are some of your stress relievers?


  1. Hey Annie these are some nice pictures. Especially that of the car and the gold shoes. My stress relievers are listening to music, working out, and talking with loved ones. What is your username on Instagram?

  2. Looks like you got some beautiful shoes. Oh, and my coffee pot has been over flowing and spilling out grinds too. Super annoying! Anywho..I used to run a lot to relieve stress. I was just thinking that I might start it back up again. Have a great night! Amanda

  3. cool pics! I always appreciate your two cents :)
    The cross-trainer at the gym was my best thing for stress relief and also sewing or knitting or making/drawing, some sort of creative output. I have a friend who was suffering from some serious stress and she took up life drawing - couldn't be happier! x

  4. what an amazing post :)
    I love all those photos!!

    Bubble my Licorice

  5. thanks for all your thoughts! to be honest, i wasn't sure about posting the car pics, lol.. i'm glad i did!!

  6. What a cool car & lovely shoes, but what on earth has happened with the coffee?? :D
    Concerning your comment on my blog, I thought it was nice to see from where the inspiration comes concerning catwalk outfits - next year these trends will be visible everywhere I'm sure!

    E from Helsinki


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